Monday, 24 January 2011

Latest iPad Rumour

News from 9to5Mac has just emerged to suggest that the rear-facing cam on the tablet's sequel will only be a paltry 1-Megapixel number.
The website delved into the SDK of the upcoming tablet and found in its depths references to the camera as being 1-Megapixel, but the report claims that this will in fact be the same 0.7-Meg lens as is found on the 4th generation iPod Touch. That camera is limited to shots 960 by 720 pixels deep and video at native 720p. Not all that special, given the iPhone 4's excellent 5-Meg cam. The report added: 'The front camera is also said to be the same as is found on the Touch – a 0.2-Meg VGA. Obviously, this cam will be good enough to take part in Apple's Face Time video conferencing, but it's still not awe-inspiring'.

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