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PI Insurers pose greater risk to conveyancers than new SRA proposals?

There are changes afoot with the Solicitor Regulatory Authority’s plans for conveyancing firms.  During the course of the year the SRA will be carrying out a major review of the regulation of Solicitors undertaking conveyancing and the holding of client money because of the risks posed by a small number of firms engaged in property-related fraud and money laundering.
The thrust of the proposals is to ensure conveyancing firms take seriously the risks and establish good compliance and risk management systems.  I am sure that those firms who take conveyancing seriously will already be taking these risk seriously of not by choice by reason of pressure from their PI insurers.
The Strategy is due to be published in October and will operate alongside the Enforcement Strategy published on 13th January 2011. It will set out how the SRA will engage with firms to ensure that the procedures etc comply with the Principles, achievement of the Outcomes in the new SRA Code of conduct and compliance …

Norfolk Solicitors launch low cost on line tracking system for home movers

MJP announce the launch of their very own online case management system –

We now offer home movers and agents the ability to track the progress of their sale and purchase transactions on line.    Quick Conveyance has been designed and built by us to ensure easy navigation and the ability to check in on your case progression from home, the office or on the move.  It is accessible 24/7 and the good news it is FREE and comes as part of our low cost home moving service.  For further details please email

Morgan Jones and Pett are solicitors who provide legal advice and services to clients based in England and Wales and who can be contacted on 01603877000 or via email at

What does conveyancing have in common with air traffic control?

Speed is at the forefront of most home movers’ minds.  They have decided to move, they have found a buyer and their only concern is to make sure they can take ownership of their new home by the next day. 

There is nothing wrong with this and I would be the first to admit that when I moved my mind was engaged with a similar thought. 
The difficulty this mind set causes however is when, as is happening more and more, this begins to impact on the relationship between client and lawyer.
I always tell my clients that until a transaction is underway it is hard if not impossible to estimate how long it will take to complete.  There are a multitude of problems that can crop up along the way.  Added to this is the difficulty a chain of transactions can cause when one has little control over the activities of others. 
For those paying by cash some of the delays can be avoided, but when there is a mortgage involved it is simply not possible to take short cuts, and despite claims of having to move …

Have you heard the one about the lawyer, accountant, banker and of course the Legal Services Act?

Put a group of lawyers, accountants and bankers together mix in some good food and drink and with a bit of luck you will generate an evening of lively debate. 
This is exactly what happened when I was invited along to a dinner hosted by a high street bank and a nationally known firm of accountants.   The purpose of the informal gathering was to debate the future of the legal profession in the light of the never-ending changes and challenges that lie ahead.
Putting to one side the countless opportunity seized by many to self congratulate, and ignoring in the main the sales pitch by the hosts, I was intrigued, and indeed surprised, by the differing views around the table on the changes that will occur once the Legal Services Act is fully implemented in October.
By way of background, many of the lawyer participants were from medium sized firms leaving my firm as the only three-partner firm in attendance.  The majority of these firms have in recent times become LLPs and much of the discus…