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Are conveyancers moving closer to a 'strict liability' regime for property related fraud?

Are conveyancers now looking to be held strictly liable for all identity related fraud stemming from conveyancing transactions?
Though we might not be there quite yet, it seems we have moved one step closer with the news that solicitors Mishcon de Reya have been found liable for breach of trust after its client was duped into buying a London property from a tenant posing as the owner.
I have not seen the transcript of the judgment but from what I have read it seems the claimant, the purchaser client, was left out of pocket to the tune of £1m when it came to light that the seller was not the legal owner of the property, but rather the tenant purporting to be the owner.
The deputy High Court judge David Railton QC found in favour of the claimant in action brought against Mishcon de Reya based on a breach of trust.   The judge found that Mishcon, presumably as the trustee of its client’s money, should have obtained an ‘undertaking’ from the sellers solicitors that it had taken all reasonab…

Should clients play home or away when choosing a conveyancer?

The online revolution has changed almost every aspect of our lives and, finally, it is beginning to impact upon the rather reactionary world of conveyancing. With the rise of the online conveyancer, writes Will Clayton, New Business Advisor at MJP Conveyancing, there is now some much-needed competition and a greater degree of variety within the legal property market. This can only benefit you!
Many people, however, continue to work under the misconception that it is necessary to appoint a local solicitor to undertake your conveyancing; here, we look at the pros and cons of choosing a local or online conveyancer.

Do I need to meet my solicitor? 
For those who have not bought or sold a property in the last few years, it may come as a rather unnerving surprise to learn that you can buy or sell a house without ever meeting your solicitor. It really depends on the type of service you desire. Some people will like the reassurance that speaking with someone face-to-face can provide, but it does…

Is the writing on the wall for Panel Conveyancing?

Arrangements whereby a client is introduced to a conveyancer by an agent or broker through a third party panel manager have over the years become a major feature of the property industry.   

It was only recently the online B2B platform, ULS Technology, announced the ‘take over’ of the Conveyancing Alliance for an initial £7.2m.  This move was herald as part of ULS’s strategy to become the Country’s leading handler of conveyancing.

So how do these arrangements work?
The model is pretty simple.   The panel manager provides agents, brokers and lenders with online access to a managed panel of conveyancers to which their clients can be introduced.   The access to, and management of, the panel of conveyancers is made possible through an online platform and this technology allows the referrer to choose a conveyancer from the panel, to view the price charged by them for the conveyancing work and to enable the referrer to earn and track a commission for the introduction. 
The panel manger charges …

Quote, Unquote

Buying or selling a house can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive at the best of times, but make a wrong decision with your conveyancer and the process becomes a lot worse… 

It all starts with a quote writes Will Clayton, New Business Adviser with MJP Conveyancing. 
In an extremely competitive and sometimes rather murky market place, finding an accurate online quote, understanding it and recognising which quote represents the best value for money is a treacherous business.
To this end, we have some advice on exactly what you should expect from an online quote and some of the common pitfalls that befall first-time buyers and experienced property investors alike when looking for an online quote.
What should my quote include?
Searches – whether you are purchasing with a mortgage or without, it is always important to gather as much information as possible about the property you are buying.All firms will charge for the cost of the searches, alongside an administrative fee for reportin…