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Buying and selling a property in England or Wales should carry a “Health Warning”

The legal system used to convey a property from one person to another has not changed since 1925 and as it currently stands as a Seller or Buyer each time you enter a transaction you are running the risk of sustaining a financial loss.
In a world where the focus is on consumer protection there are no safeguards offering protection when a transaction breaks down before contracts of sale are exchanged.
If you are selling a property or buying a property either party in that transaction can, as the law currently stands, pull out of the sale/purchase at any time up to the exchange of the contract of sale.

This means that the seller who had accepted an offer by a buyer, who has instructed a Solicitor, and invested time and emotion into the progression of a transaction could after months of marketing the property, find that the buyer has, at the last moment, decided to pull out.
During that period it is probable that the property has come off the market meaning the seller has lost numerous oppo…