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Japanese Knotweed - A Case for Revising the Property Information Form

By Ben Pett - Trainee Solicitor
In recent years the subject of Japanese Knotweed has received a relatively significant amount of media attention. Far removed from the common garden weed, its rapid rate of growth has helped earn it the label as ‘the UK’s most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant’ (Environment Agency).
Failure to control it can land you with a fine and an ASBO, while in March 2014 an individual’s ‘paranoia’ surrounding the presence of the plant on his property, was widely reported as a motivating factor behind both the tragic murder of his wife and his eventual suicide.
The plant has certainly acquired quite the reputation for itself, but just how much of it is media hyperbole?
While it is estimated that only 1% of UK properties have been affected, the impact of it on a Conveyancing transaction can be extremely detrimental to sellers, purchasers and lenders alike.

Property Information Form: Third Edition
When the Property Information Form (TA6) was revised in 2013, i…

Open Letter to the President of the Law Society - Conveyancing Fees

Open Letter to the President of the Law Society - Chancery Lane, London

Dear Sir,

I am a practitioner who manages a practice which provides residential conveyancing services to clients nationwide.  
I have over the past 5 years worked hard to introduce efficiencies as well as measures to combat the increasing risks which continue to arise.  Much of the work has centred around the development of an ‘in house’ risk and case management system.  I along with my co-directors have invested a large amount of time and money to ensure we have a business which can compete with larger conveyancing practices and which more importantly can offer our clients a safe and efficient service.  It has not been easy and apart from an understanding Bank we have had no help or support whatsoever  from the Law Society or any other body.  
Instead we have had to adjust and  show complete flexibility to accommodate the ever increasing flow of regulatory and compliance hurdles thrown our way.   As conveyancers we a…

Do we really need conveyancing awards?

We are about to enter the season of conveyancing awards and in this article I consider the question of whether we should view this as ‘silly season’ or a season to recognise and celebrate the success of those who are held out to be to be best conveyancers in the Country. 
I must start by admitting that I was persuaded last year to enter my business into one of the national competitions.  I was reluctant to do so but decided  I had nothing to lose apart from some time and a relatively small entrance fee.  
Surprisingly we  were shortlisted for a prize and our expectations were raised  but only to be dashed on the day of the awards when speaking to others at the awards dinner that we were told  that  we stood no chance whatsoever  of winning.  This naivety was soon revealed as correct when the winners were announced.  It seemed the seasoned entrants had an uncanny skill of predicting the winners!
Not to  be deterred and having a stubborn streak to prove everybody else wrong we entered the …