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Buy to Let tips

There are several reasons for looking at property to purchase for the purpose of letting.
Property prices are still falling and providers of mortgage products for buy to let are offering competitive rates.Added to this we are experiencing a rise in rents due to a shortage of good rental property.The shortage of mortgages with a high LTV (loan to value) has led to an increase in interest in rented property.In line with our friends on the Continent the focus is now beginning to move away from home ownership towards rental.
So what do you need to look out for if you are looking to enter this market?To begin with the property is likely to be in the lower price bracket and will therefore need to be chosen carefully.
Start with speaking to the selling agent and find out what rental income it is likely to generate, whether there are comparable properties that can considered and more importantly whether there is a high demand for rentals in that area.Check that the selling agent has experience i…