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Conveyancers Duped by Million Pound Property Fraud - Was it Avoidable?

The news of a property fraud reported in the Daily Mail ( ) at the weekend should send a chill down the back of all conveyancers across the land.

A young woman — who paid the full amount with no mortgage — had been duped into handing over £1.35 million to the a person purporting to be the legal owner of the property. 
The money was last seen on its way to a bank in Dubai.
The real owner was totally oblivious to the fraud until the Land Registry smelling a rat declined to register the property in the name of the young woman. 
There were two primary fraudsters.  One who took out a rental agreement on the property before the property was placed on the market, and the other who stole the identity of the real owner.  Between them they were able to fool the letting agent, the selling agent and both the selling and buying conveyancers. 
This was a fraud perpetrated at the highest level.  
So what cou…