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Flash Flooding Risk - Ignore it at your peril

Are solicitors and those working with property doing enough to protect homebuyers?
Most solicitors will obtain an environmental search result and this will disclose whether the property to be purchased is close to or within a flood plain. But however many of those solicitors actually check to see whether the result includes areas where over the past ten years land and property has suffered damage from pluvial or flash flooding?
Flooding is probably the most significant natural hazard we face in the UK and around 2.8 million people are at risk from pluvial, or rain related, flooding, which represents around one- third of all flood risk in the UK. This figure could increase by 1.2m by 2050 due to a combination of climate change and population change. Population change has the potential to put three times more people at risk than climate change.
Since 2000, insurers have paid out £4.5 billion to customers whose homes or businesses have been hit by flooding. The 2007 summer floods were resp…