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Demand more for the fee you pay to your estate agent

I always make a big effort to manage my clients expectations when  taking on new instructions. I do this because some clients may be buying a home for the first time and other clients arrive on our door step with  a distorted expectation stemming from discussions with the estate agent.  I am not sure why some agents believe that conveyancers  have attended Hogwarts.  I am certain however that by providing a client with misinformation about the conveyancing process some agents simply do not do their clients any favours. 
You pay your estate agent a small fortune to market your property and perhaps the time has come for us all to expect the agent to do more than put a ‘For Sale’ board up and place a few advertisements in the local newspaper.  A simplistic view I know and I must qualify the preceding and following observations by acknowledging that not all agents are the same.  There do exist pro active agents who often prove very helpful. 
So what could the agent be doing to help to speed…