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Recruitment - The ‘I Generation’ ticking bomb

Much is made of the ‘I generation’ and of how the future of recruitment and career progression is set for a major change.  
I am not convinced that this general concern is any different from the observations made by my parents when I first entered the job market, though in recent years I have started to form the view that this evolutionary juncture may prove to be more defining than those previously witnessed.
So where do I start in the evaluation? And how do I express myself in a way which does not make me sound like my father.   A difficult one, and probably in truth it may be best to reflect on the landscape which existed when I took my first steps towards qualifying as a solicitor. 
Life back then (yes that well used cliché) was, it is fair to say, different.  There was less competition and more importantly less pressure on those looking to pursue a career in the law to leave school and immediately head off to university.   Unlike today, there was no set route mapped out with an in…