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The death of simultaneous exchange and completion?

The time between exchange and completion has shortened considerably and more and more transactions are concluded through  simultaneous exchange of contracts and completion.
The recent Court of Appeal decision in Santander v R. A. Legal Solicitors has cast serious doubt on whether this practice is exposing conveyancing solicitors to the possibility of a breach of trust claim
The decision at first instance in Santander v R. A. Legal Solicitors [2013] EWHC 1380 (QB) confirmed and clarified the Court of Appeal's decision in Nationwide v Davison’s [2012] EWCA Civ 1626 as to when solicitors should be relieved from the consequences of their breach of trust.
The facts are as follows.  R A Legal Solicitors had acted for the purchaser of a property, for which Santander’s predecessor, Abbey National, had made mortgage funds available to the buyers solicitors to facility the buyers purchase.
Unknown to the buyer’s solicitors, those solicitors acting for the seller had been acting dishonestly, an…