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CQS and Lender Exchange - Lets keep an open mind

Before we become defensive and begin casting negative thoughts lets wait for the detail to be supplied.   Why do we all  look at  the introduction of new systems as an attack on our profession?  We should  for the moment keep an open mind, writes David Pett, Director of MJP Conveyancing Limited. 
My thoughts in the meantime are as follows:
A platform of this type was inevitable and if it is introduced properly can only serve as an effective means of combating fraud and ensuring consistency on lender panel criteria.   The sooner the profession comes to terms with the fact that conveyancing is there for the serious players and not the ‘dabblers’ the better it will be for us all.  Why should we not accept with open arms a system which will allow us to apply to join all panels with one application and hopefully one fee?   Why not allow a system to operate which will ensure consistency in application of anti fraud and money laundering measures?  The Santander portal should demonstrate to us …

My property transaction is moving much too slowly. How can I speed it up?

Despite what you may hear from family and friends conveying a house or flat is not as straightforward as you may think.    There is not such animal as a ‘straightforward’ transaction and in the majority of cases there are issues which need to be addressed not only on your behalf but also on behalf of your lender if  you are borrowing money. 
Conveyancing takes time – most ‘delays’ are nothing of the sort, it just takes time to get searches and replies to enquiries and in many respects your solicitor is dependant on others over whom there is little control to provide input.   If you are in chain, everyone goes at the pace of the slowest link.  
Do ask you solicitor why things are going at the pace they are. Some are more proactive than others – if they are vague or don’t return phone calls then it is worth pressing them or asking to speak to a partner or director.
Estate agents can be important in chasing the seller and rest of chain to return documents as your solicitor will only be deal…