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What can conveyancers learn from the Grenfell Tower tragedy?

The inquiry into the cause of  the tragic Grenfell Tower fire will almost certainty focus on the role of the Freeholder and Management Company and investigate any failings on their part.  
In the meantime  what steps as conveyancers can we take to ensure  clients are well informed of the risk of fire when purchasing a flat in a high raise building.

To begin with, we should all be asking to see the risk assessment and checking when this was last updated as well as checking that any recommendations have been followed.
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 became law in October 2006 and introduced significant change to workplace fire safety responsibilities. It also  simplified the legislative regime by bringing all fire safety legislation together into one Order. Essentially it introduced the need for employers, building owners and occupiers as 'responsible persons' to carry out, implement and maintain a fire safety risk assessment. That is someone who has been trained to …

Builders and neighbours - the hurdles of extending your home

More and more of us are thinking about extending and making modifications to our homes.   Its cheap to borrow money and relatively straight forward to secure planning permission or build within permitted development parameters.  My experience having recently gone through the process is that local authorities are far less relaxed about planning projects  than they were at one time, and obtaining consent has become more of a formality these days.   
You still require building regulation approval, even if you are constructing whiten permitted development rights.   Again, with a good detailed plan this has become far simpler to procure.  
So once consents are in place you may think the headaches are over.   Well I am afraid not. The first problem we faced was finding a reputable builder who was interested enough to quote for what was viewed as a ‘small’ job, even though it involved the creation of 200 square meters of new space. Four or five years ago builders were scrambling around for wor…

Award nomination for national technology driven conveyancing service

Following hot on the heels of their nomination for the ESTAS Conveyancer of the Year awards, MJP Conveyancing is delighted to have been shortlisted for the Modern Law Conveyancing Awards in two categories: the “Client Care Award” and “Conveyancing Firm of the Year – Midlands.”

The nominations are testament to the outstanding efforts of all our staff this year and demonstrate the dedicated focus we place upon delivering the highest levels of care and support for our clients during the house-moving process. 
Fighting off fierce competition from some very reputable firms, the nominations are also indicative of MJP’s growing reputation, both locally and nationally, for delivering a technology driven, transparent, efficient yet affordable online and client focused conveyancing service
David Pett, Director, commenting on this development, explains why he considers MJP  is deserving of this well overdue nomination:
"Starting from a standing start in 2011 we have aways looked to punch very m…