Monday, 24 January 2011

Boy who suffered brain damage at birth awarded £6.4 million

It has today been reported that a boy who suffered severe brain damage during his delivery at an NHS birth centre in Hertfordshire has been awarded £6.4 million in settlement of his medical negligence claim. The payment to Theo, who cannot sit up without support and will never be able to walk, will be made by Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust on behalf of the Edgware Birth Centre in north-west London. After the hearing, the family's solicitors said the trust "has admitted the birth centre was negligent and was responsible for the appalling injuries suffered by little Theo".

The Solicitors statement said: "Janet and Earnie were told the midwives at the birth centre were better trained and more experienced than many midwives working in hospitals.

"They were also reassured the birth centre would be safer for their baby and in the event their baby needed to be delivered in hospital this would be arranged as fast if not faster than for a woman already in hospital.

"Sadly this was not the case. Janet was left in the care of a student midwife. Theo's heart rate was not properly monitored and the student midwife failed to realise that Theo was in severe distress and needed to be delivered.

"Theo was gravely ill when he was born because he had been deprived of oxygen and there were further delays in arranging for him to be transferred to Barnet General Hospital."

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