Thursday, 27 January 2011

How to find a good and reliable personal injury solicitor

Choosing a solicitor to instruct on a personal injury case is not easy and can often be scary. No knowing how much it will cost and whether the solicitor is good or not are often factors that put people off from investigating the possibility of pursuing a compensation claim. We recognise it's all quite daunting.

So what can you do to check on the competency of the solicitor?

To begin with you should start by talking with some friends and family. Ask them what they have heard about solicitors in the area and if they know anyone that has had to work with a personal injury lawyer in the past. If you are successful in finding such a person always ask about the good and bad points they experienced with that solicitor.

You may have different expectations of your Solicitor and you have to make sure that you recognize and understand these expectations. If you cannot find anyone that has a recommendation you may want to start looking into the background of the Solicitor.

This is an important step even if you have a recommendation for a lawyer. Look to see whether the solicitor is accredited to any professional organisation specialising in personal injury. Look to see in particular is the lawyer is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Look at the website and read the bio on the solicitor. Check on how long the solicitor has been in practice. Check also to see whether the solicitor firm has an up to date website and one that has a blog and or information on cases it has dealt with.

In short always do your homework as there are both good and poor solicitors.

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