Tuesday, 25 January 2011

100Mbps Broadband for Cheshunt, Hatfield, Pentwyn, Southport and Treforest

Cheshunt, Hatfield, Pentwyn, Southport and Treforest are now benefiting from 100Mbps broadband thanks to Virgin Media’s on-going improvement to its broadband service. It is reported in techradar.com that Virgin has now rolled out to 350,000 homes across the UK.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: "From establishing the UK's first ever broadband service to the launch of 100Mb just ten years later, Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in digital Britain.

"We've invested many billions of private money in order to build a growing network that already passes approximately 13 million homes across the UK.

"We're racing to get these ultrafast speeds across this entire area as fast as we can to meet demand."

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