Sunday, 23 January 2011

Implanon - How we are assisting those with concerns over unexpected pregnancies

The Clinical Negligence Team at MJP have been instructed on cases involving women who have unexpectedly fallen pregnant despite being fitted with the Implanon contraceptive device.
It is reported that over 550 women in the UK have fallen pregnant whilst relying on the Implanon contraceptive implant since its introduction to the UK in 1999. The implant was withdrawn from the market in October 2010 and replaced by a newer version, known as “Nexplanon”.
The manufacturer of the device advises that the 4cm single-rod device, which is situated in the inside of the upper non-dominant arm, is approximately 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, it appears that the device is only 99% effective if it is inserted into the arm correctly.
In a number of cases it appears that the Implanon was never actually inserted into the womans arm.
In some cases the Implanon has been implanted so deeply into the patient’s arm that damage has been caused to the bicep muscles and nerves necessitating surgery to remove the implant. In other cases, where the implant was very deep in the arm some women required physiotherapy and other treatment to aid recovery.
If you have become unexpectedly pregnant whilst on the Implanon implant or have been injured by implant insertion and would like to discuss the circumstances of your case please contact either Sara Westwood or David Jones  who are both specialist medical negligence solicitors on 01603877004 or via email

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