Monday, 27 February 2012

Hair Extension compensation claim

Compensation recovered for a model who had hair extensions applied which caused her hair loss and aggravation of her scalp.  The award included loss of earnings for missed modelling sessions as well as a cancelled holiday. 

This was quite a complicated claim as there was a clear dispute between the parties as to the facts of the case. The Claimant said that she had relied upon the hairdresser’s experience and expertise in telling her what the best product was to give her the effect that she wishes for but they failed to take into account a number of factors, carry out a strand test, properly counsel her about the risks.

The hairdresser then ignored her complaints that there was a problem for too long meaning that by the time the extensions were removed they had caused irritation to her scalp and hair loss, requiring use of hair growth tablets, special shampoo and precluded her from being able to use a hair dryer, or any hair products such as hair spray, hair gel and such like. Inspite of the dispute as to the facts of the case and continued denial of liability, upon taking the case to court the Defendant backed down and paid the claim on a full liability basis (although without making such an admission).

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