Monday, 27 February 2012

Compensation of £50,000 for hospital failure to convey test results

This is an interesting case where the Claimant was suffering symptoms of an overactive thyroid. Tests were carried out by the hospital which revealed he did in fact suffer from this condition but they never communicated the results to him and he was only told some three years later. In the meantime he had lost his job due to concentration issues linked to the problem.  Settlement reached for over £50,000 to reflect this.  

The case was complicated by the fact that although the Claimant had lost his job, he was able to obtain some part-time work and a large part of the fact he could not work was due to the current economic climate, which the Defendants alleged but we were able to say he had lost his original job as a direct result of the negligence and therefore the Defendants had to pay the price.  The settlement reflected that most of the Claimant’s loss of earnings were in fact recoverable. 

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