Monday, 14 February 2011

Housing reviews announced

It’s taken the demolition of an industry, some of the worst trading conditions for decades but finally its seems our politicians are beginning to wake up and acknowledge that the housing market is in a complete mess and is in need of reform.

As to when it is likely we will see measures introduced it is not known, though with today’s announcement that Civil servants in the Communities and Local Government department are to carry out a review of the private housing market there is at least some glimmer of hope that change may happen sometime in the future.

The Coalition’s review will be led not by housing minister Grant Shapps but by Oliver Letwin a man whose ideology is unlikely to allow him to subscribe to any change that would involve the imposition of regulation.   

It is not known what areas the review will cover though there are reports in certain publications today that suggest it will cover house building and the state of the housing market.

At the same time it seems Labour will carry out its own review led by Caroline Flint, shadow CLG secretary.  It will be called ‘How do we meet families’ aspirations for good housing and a good home?’ and will last for a year.  It will cover all aspects of housing and interim results are due this summer.

Love or hate it the home information pack legislation represented a brave and progressive move on the part of the Labour Party, a move that will probably not be seen or even attempted for quite some time.

My concern is that for any change to take place and indeed survive it is essential that policy should be conceived with cross party support as without this we will inevitably witness a repeat of the shameless way the Coalition Government put ideology in front of consumer interest when it threw the conveyancing process back in time with the abolition of the home information packs. 

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