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Norwich - A fine City to buy a property in

The news of Radio One choosing  Norwich as its venue for its Big Weekend in May will undoubtedly help to remind people of the popularity of Norwich as a place to live. 

Based in East Anglia and situated about 20 miles away from some of the very best coastlines in the UK, Norwich continues to grow not only as a top tourist destination but also as an ideal location to establish a home.

So what does Norwich offer?

There is much more to Norwich than Delia Smith and Stephen Fry and a former Premiership football team.  

Norwich bustles with good and varied shops, restaurants and pubs and offers a unique quality of life. 

There is an excellent theatre hosting some of the top shows in the country.

Norwich is also the gateway to the Norfolk Broads. There are  Nature Reserves  and it is also situated close to a number of the top Natural Trust Land/Properties 

Though there is a large selection of restaurants and public houses it would be remiss not to make specific reference to the Last Wine Bar  and The Georgian Town House  There are lively eateries and ones which offer good quality food. 

Norwich Property Market

Finding a property in Norwich may however prove difficult. 

The opening of the Eleveden by pass has increased the drive time to and from London and with a good train service running from Nowich to London with Trains every hour transport routes into the capital are better than have ever been.  This has led to an increase in demand and prices in Norfolk have been rising and will continue to rise this year. 

There is a distinct shortage of stock in Norwich at all price points which is a situation that has been in play since 2009 and it just keeps getting worse.

According to Rightmove the majority of sales in Norfolk during the last year were detached properties, selling for an average price of £259,940. Terraced properties sold for an average of £157,736, with semi-detached properties fetching £172,339.

If you are looking for help to find a property give Pymm and Co and Abbotfox agents which have a good reputation in the area.    Try also the local property newspaper edited by Caroline Culot

As for conveyancing solicitors beware if you are directed to a specific firm by an estate agent as commission fees are rife in the City and add to the cost of buying a home. 

At MJP we have no ties with any agent and offer competitive fees.  You can obtain a  quotation here 

For more information on Norwich Tourist Information Board 

Morgan Jones and Pett are solicitors who provide legal advice and services to clients based in England and Wales and who can be contacted on 01603877000 or via email at


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